Keno Tips from the Experts

Keno is a casino game, which share some similarity with lottery and bingo. The keno player may pick up to twenty numbers from the keno ticket, which has the numbers one to eighty. To determine the winning keno numbers, the computer draws twenty numbers from one to eighty. The keno player will be played based on the numbers that match on his keno ticket.

Since the winning numbers in keno are randomly picked by a computer, keno is primarily a game of chance. But even if keno is a game of chance, it doesn't mean that you can't have a strategy to increase your odds at having your numbers match the winning numbers. Here are some tips from expert keno players.

* To increase you odds of winning in keno, pick your numbers only from the first two lines.

On your keno ticket, pick only seven numbers from the first two lines. Keep five of the numbers every time you place a bet. Vary only two of the numbers. This will increase your probability of having a match of five from the seven numbers on your keno ticket. Of course, it would be better if all the seven numbers match.

* In keno, it is better to use patterns when selecting your numbers than spreading your numbers over the choices.

Remember that the computer picks the numbers randomly in keno. Even if this is random, there is a greater probability that the computer selects keno numbers in a pattern. It is difficult to determine the pattern used by computers to pick numbers in keno. However, if you have your own pattern in selecting you keno numbers, you are most likely to have the same numbers as the computer.

* You should consider the payouts that you will receive based on your winning numbers.

Your keno payouts should be lower than what you have to pay taxes on. Your payout is determined by the numbers on your keno ticket that match the randomly drawn numbers by the computer. Consider betting on only eight numbers from your keno ticket. If all eight numbers are drawn, you can claim your keno payouts without having to worry about the taxes that you have to pay.

These tips are constantly used by keno players in casinos, whether they are online or offline. Since there isn't much to lose in using these keno tips, try there for yourself the next time you place a bet in keno.

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