Keno's Worldwide Popularity

Keno is a widely popular game all over the world. It is played in a daily basis and loved by players in North America. But Keno was no invented in America. The game can trace its roots from China. Keno has a very colorful history, which also shows the benefits that the Chinese people received from the game.

It is widely believe that keno was invented by Cheung Leung. Through the profits of keno, Cheung Leung wanted to help the soldiers of their town to have better arms and other equipment to discourage enemies from attacking. Keno was first known as "White Pigeon" because the result of the game was carried by white pigeons to every village. But White Pigeon is not the same as the modern day keno.

The game was based on the traditional "The Thousand Character Classic". The game was then bought to the United States by Chinese immigrants. It was first known by the name of Chinese Lottery until it was known as Horse Race Keno. The word horse was used to represent the numbers that are present in the game.

This was done to utilize the loophole in the law those days. Keno is considered to be a game of luck. Players can readily understand the concept of the game even if they are a beginner. Keno can be played with a keno ticket or keno. There are eighty numbers on the keno card. A player has to mark any number with pen or crayon that will not exceed fifteen numbers.

The cards are then given to the runner or directly to the keno operator for a copy and to punch the numbers that the player has chosen. In some casinos, the wagering is done after the player has chosen the number they wish to bet on while in other casinos the total amount that players wager should be decided before choosing the numbers that the like.

The result of keno is determined by using 80 ping pong like balls in a blower like the one used in lottery. The balls feature the number one to eighty. The balls are mixed by the air from the blower and 20 ping pong balls are randomly drawn. The results are then displayed on the electronic keno board.

The players will then check to see if they match the numbers that have been drawn. Compared with other casino games, keno does not need any technique to win but some players' make some of their own strategy, most players believe that majority of the keno machines feature different set of number each start of the day.

They are under the impression that since the keno machines are turn-off each night, they will start the next day with the same set of numbers the previous night. Knowing on which story to believe will greatly benefit the player on which tips to believe.

Players must also know that the prize money that a player receives from one casino is different from the other casinos. The number of spots that players are allowed is also different from each casino facilities.

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