Gamblers Play the Game of Keno: What is it, Anyway?

Since you consider yourself to be one of those online gamblers who know their way around Internet gaming sites, you feel that you know a lot about the gambling games including blackjack, backgammon, poker, roulette, slots, and bingo. These are some of the games that rule the gambling world on the Internet. But, have you ever tried playing keno? Do you know what this game is all about?

If you've never even heard about this, here are some things you need to take note of:

* A Game that Saved the Lives of Many Keno has a fascinating history that is best learned in order for it to be appreciated.

In its earlier form, it was never seen as "just" a game.

In fact, years ago, the invention of this game was made by a certain man, named Cheung Leung, because of a sincere desire to save a particular city.

The funds gathered from the proceeds of those who played the game were given to the army in order for the city not to be destroyed. It was like a pay-off, then.

Luckily, there were ample funds from the proceeds of the game - enough to save the city from ruin.

* Contributed to One of the World's Greatest Wonders Not only did this particular gambling game save a city, it was also used to fund the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Since this game became quite famous during its emergence to the Chinese society - obviously including the fact that it helped saved the city and the folks who live there - playing it was seen as a worthy cause. That is why the game was used again to fund the construction of the Great Wall of China that still stands proud up to this day.

* Became Known as the White Pigeon Game This game was also called during the earlier years as the White Pigeon Game by those who became familiar to how it is played.

If you're wondering about the possible connotation of that, it actually refers to the shared belief among the Chinese people that pigeons were message carriers or bearers - thus, the use of pigeons for sending personal messages to others.

With regards to the game, pigeons were used by villagers to learn about the results of winning numbers or number combinations in the cities.

The game of keno may give you a sense of historical satisfaction. With these interesting bits of history we've just mentioned, we're sure that you are raring to try your luck with this game that has contributed so much to China's history.

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