A Definition of Terms Used in Keno

Here's a list of keno terms you will find useful when learning about the game. This would help you learn more about keno and introduce you to the options in the game.

Edge Ticket: This keno term refers to a type of ticket used in the game. An edge ticket will have the numbers marked located on the edge of the ticket.

Exacta: This term refers to a keno ticket that can be played on two games. It sometimes comes with special bonuses for certain numbers matched.

Free Play: This refers to a keno ticket that gives you an opportunity to play again by winning a certain type of play.

Group: This term refers to a group of circled spots on your ticket.

Hit: This refers to a winning number you were able to match on your ticket.

Inside Ticket: This term refers to a keno ticket that has been marked and submitted and is waiting to be validated for possible winnings.

Jackpot: This is the bonus money you can win as the top prize when you play a progressive type of keno game.

Keno Board: This term is otherwise known as the "big board". This simply refers to the display that shows the winning numbers for the different keno games in play. The keno board is usually displayed in the lounge, lobby, bar, and almost anywhere where players can easily look up for winning numbers.

Keno Writer: This term refers to the clerk who's responsible for your wagers, printing the tickets, and catering to the needs of the players and runners.

King: This term refers to a single number picked on a ticket.

Left-Right Ticket: This term refers to a keno ticket where players wager that the winning numbers are either on the left side or right side of the ticket.

Multi-Game Keno Ticket: This is a ticket that can be played over and over again several times over.

Paybook: This refers to the brochure you can find at the keno booth. It explains the rules of the game including what you can win. You can get paybooks in various places in a casino as well.

Quick Pick: This refers to a ticket where the players opt to have a computer pick the numbers on it at random. The idea is to save the player's time in choosing numbers on the ticket.

Runner: Refers to the casino employee who takes your wagers and pays you your winnings.

Spot: This term refers to a number you chose or marked on your keno ticket.

Top-Bottom Ticket: This term refers to a ticket that is similar to a left-right ticket, the only difference is that a player chooses to bet on either the top part or the bottom part of the keno ticket.

Video Keno: This refers to a version of the game that is played in a gaming machine.

Way Ticket: A keno ticket where players wager on number combinations.

This list of keno terms is incident to your know how. You'll just have to use the options you found as you learn more about keno.

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