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Keno is a gambling activity played in casinos, bingo halls, and other modern gambling facilities. Its mechanics is somewhat similar to that of the bingo or lottery games. Although the term keno sounds like it originated from France or in Latin countries, its origin actually dates back to the time of the Han Dynasty in China. Eventually, it was introduced by Chinese immigrants to the people of the United States during the nineteenth century. This casino game is believed to have raised money for the construction of the Great Wall. Furthermore, it is believed to have saved a city in ancient China during the time of war.

There are several books about keno and that will be the focus of our discussion. Perhaps, several gamblers who have been playing keno want to share their knowledge of the game, which is why they decided to author some keno books. Let's take a look at least three keno books available in bookstores today.

"Powerful Profits From Keno," by Victor H. Royer is a keno book that has two hundred forty pages. In this book, Royer explains the similarities of keno to, as well as its differences from, the game of lottery, emphasizing that keno allows players to have more choices and options as compared with lottery. Smart keno players definitely know how to expertly play such casino game. But for novice players, this keno book is highly recommendable in order to be knowledgeable of the game, more specifically of how to play "way tickets." Royer patiently discusses in this book several strategy principles and playing instructions that will definitely be of big help to beginning players. This book also features topics related to video keno, showing readers illustrations of keno machines as well as keno game screens. Royer also provides a list of casinos and gambling facilities that house great keno games. There are actually no bad reviews about this book.

Another highly-recommendable book about keno is titled "Keno Winner: A Guide to Winning at Video Keno," by Tom Collins. This keno book only contains forty six pages but has valuable information on how to play video keno expertly. The writing style of Collins is very comprehensible and despite having only a few pages, it is still a very interesting read. The secrets of winning video keno are clearly explained by Collins in this book. Players who have read this keno book admit that there have been big improvements with regard to their play. Beginning and intermediate keno players are suggested to read this keno book.

" Winning Keno" is a keno book written by Michael Griffin. It contains one hundred fifty four pages and was published by Red Lead Press. In this book, Griffin explains to readers what the occurrence factor is, and extensively talks about the biorhythm of the game. People who have read "Winning Keno" have definitely experienced an improvement in their game. It is guaranteed that this keno book will give readers an edge.

These keno books are guaranteed to inspire players as they will see a big improvement in their skills in playing keno.

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